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Unions in Hungary seek referendum to overturn shopping ban


Hungarian trade unions will try to launch a referendum to overturn a new rule banning most stores from opening on Sundays. Istvan Gasko, president of the Democratic League of Independent Trade Unions, said Monday the government had held only "pretend negotiations" before making the decision, which affects most stores across the country from March 15.

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LIGA: solidarity with CSC, FGTB, CGSLB


LIGA, Democratic League of Independent Trade Unions from Hungary is following with great concern the social and economic situation of Belgium. We were observing as well the success of your demonstration organised on 6 November.

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Newsletter 2014/III.


LIGA called for demonstration on 21 November and organises half lane road clousores all over Hungary on 15 December. Due to the fruitless negotiations LIGA Trade Unions called for a protest demonstration in Budapest on 21st of November against the Tax laws (including extra tax on cafeteria which since has been partially withdrawn) and submission of the Finance law without any consultation with the social partners.

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Role of international labour standards in Europe


The Hungarian Ministry for National Economy and the ILO organized a seminar on 29th of October 2014 in Budapest, Hungary to highlight the role of international labour standards in ensuring decent work and better working conditions. Participants included representatives of the Hungarian government, employers'''''''' and workers'''''''' organisations as well as the ILO, and the European Commission.

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Newsletter 2014/II.


LIGA, Democratic League of Independent Trade Unions from Hungary welcomes the Reader of our Newsletter 2014/II, which aims to keep its international partners up-to-date with what is happening around LIGA and Hungary. In the last few months - amongst other issues - we had the elections in Hungary, and also the International Day for Work Safety.

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Newsletter 2014/I.


LIGA, Democratic League of Independent Trade Unions from Hungary welcomes the Reader of our Newsletter 2014/I, which is planned to be sent in every second month, and aims to keep its international partners up-to-date with what is happening around LIGA and Hungary.

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Solidarity with the Ukrainian workers


The LIGA, Democratic League of independent Trade Unions from Hungary expresses its concern about the escalating situation in Ukraine and sends its solidarity to the workers.

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May 1st: Keep Up the Momentum to Bring a Strong Social Dimension to the EU


On May 1st, the European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC) is celebrating, along with all European workers, Labour Day. The European trade union continues to press heads of state and government for a European Union with a strong social dimension. On May 2nd, ETUC General Secretary Bernadette Ségol will address the board of EU Commissioners with the following message: “citizens and workers have lost confidence; give priority to growth and employment. Democratic support for the European project is at stake.

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Europe Must Address Its Social Debt


The debt crisis and how to get out of it is being discussed everywhere. And so it should. But there is a social debt which is just as central to save Europe as the monetary debt.

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28 April 2012 - Workers'''' Memorial Day


International Workers'' Memorial Day, remembers and honours those who have been killed, injured, or suffered ill-health due to their working conditions. It is an opportunity to highlight the preventable nature of most workplace accidents and to promote campaigns and union organisations which strive for continuous improvements in workplace health and safety.

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Industrial relations in the new member-states, the reasons of the low trade union membership and its decreasing trend in relation to EU-15 countries


In 2011 our organization has finished the participation in the European project cofinansed by the European Commission and Polish Trade Union "Solidarnosc". The project basic goals were: to diagnose the downward trend of the trade union membership; to increase the awareness and understanding of the improvement industrial relations on all levels and to equip the social stakeholders involved in industrial relations in the tools facilitating the identification, prevention and solution the trade union membership problems in companies.

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The ETUC Condemns the Nationalistic Turn Being Taken by Hungary


The European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC) is seriously concerned at the nationalistic, authoritarian turn being taken by the government in Hungary. Citizens are now subject to a Constitution which stifles freedom and daily erodes their public and private liberties. Media pluralism and the independence of the justice system are under threat.

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LIGA Newsletter - September 2011


There has been a lot of interest in the Hungarian situation lately from our international partners; therefore we have prepared this analysing newsletter to keep you informed.

Some provisions from the new draft Labour Code


The review of the main concept of the Hungarian Labour Code (hereafter LC) has been on the agenda for years but no real progress was made. In the middle of June, the draft of the new act (hereafter the Proposal) was published on the website of the Ministry of National Economy which – in case it is passed – would change the foundations of the philosophy of labour law regulations.

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Hungarian Employees at the Centenary Jubilee Conference of the ILO


Dear Director, Ladies and Gentlemen,

It is a great honour for me to represent the Hungarian employees at this centenary jubilee conference of the ILO. It is also a great pleasure for me to greet the conference participants on their behalf.

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Tripartit social dialogue abolished


The annoncement of the government was made without any consultation with the social partners.
It destroys the established and recognised tripartism of 23 years - which has proved its usefulness by finding concensus on economic and social issues, in difficult times as well. The Hungarian system of national tripartism has served as a positive example for many in the CEE region.

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About our current situation in Hungary


As described in a letter to John Monks, Secretary General of the ETUC, the situation of workers and trade unions is not really looking good in Hungary.

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About us


The LIGA Trade Unions (Democratic League of Independent Trade Unions) has been supporting Hungarian employees since 1988. More than 80 member organisations are present throughout the country both in geographic and in sectoral terms. The membership of the Liga Trade unions was made up in 2007 by 100 644 certified – registered through public notary document - organised workers working in all spheres of life in the public and private sectors.

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The History of LIGA Trade Unions (1988-2008)


On 14 May 1988 nearly a thousand university employees affected by actions founded amidst adventurous conspiracies the Democratic Trade Union of Scientific Workers (Tudományos Dolgozók Demokratikus Szakszervezete, TDDSZ) which was the first independent organisation separate from National Council of Trade Unions (Szakszervezetek Országos Tanácsától, SZOT)

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The Programme of the Democratic League of Independent Trade Unions



The programme of LIGA Trade Unions, coming into effect from 2009, has been developed on the basis of the past few years’ experiences and in view of the expected changes in the following years. The programme defines the goals of our activities in the area of national interest representation and the main directions of the confederation’s trade union policy.

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LIGA comprises of member organisations with the right to establish sections. Member of the LIGA confederations can become any trade union or trade union federation that fulfils the requirements as set by Act II./1989, is not conducting anti-constitutional activities, is not dependant of any trade union centre following contradictory and opposing principles to those of the LIGA, is independent of the employers and of political parties, is not affiliated member to any other trade union confederation and accepts the Statute and the Programme of the LIGA.

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