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Newsletter 2014/I.

LIGA, Democratic League of Independent Trade Unions from Hungary welcomes the Reader of our Newsletter 2014/I, which is planned to be sent in every second month, and aims to keep its international partners up-to-date with what is happening around LIGA and Hungary.

LIGA XVI. Congress and 25th Anniversary Ceremony

230-ligaelnokseg.JPGIn December 2013 the Democratic League of Independent Trade Unions held its XVI. Congress where president István Gaskó was re-elected. The new Presidium with 14 members was set up and the Statute and Program was discussed and accepted by the delegates. In the new Statute the leaders of the Youth, Equality and Senior Committees were formally brought into the Presidium as full members with voting rights recognizing the importance of the cross-cutting dimensions of these vulnerable groups. LIGA also proudly celebrated its 25th anniversary in December 2013 in the Budapest Opera House where along with other renowned guests from Hungary, prominent representatives from 18 different countries were present.

Capacity Building and LIGA

230-akik_a_munkrt_dolgoznak.jpgLIGA has accepted its strategy for capacity building in order to strengthen the representation of Hungarian workers. Therefore – within the confines of a project supported by the European Union – the Confederation employed full-time trade-union organizers in each of the 7 regions of Hungary. The aim is to reach the small- and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) which are still almost untouched by trade unions.

LIGA also aims to assess the impact of the new Labour Code, which was introduced by the Hungarian Government in 2012. The new Labour Code contained elements which impacted the workers and trade unions negatively, therefore one of the main aims remain to keep on pressuring the Government for changes in certain parts of the Labour Code. This work is also supported by a wide-range research on the impact assessment of the new Labour Code.

Youth Unemployment and LIGA

230-hungary-youth-unemployment-rate.pngYouth unemployment in Hungary according to the latest figures is a striking 25 % in the 14-25 age bracket. The most urgent problem recently lies in vocational education, because the students entering the labour market in many cases are not up-to-date with the most important knowledge regarding labour relations and vital skills for certain jobs with skill shortages. By trying to fill this gap, LIGA’s experts are currently working on a comprehensive education material for the last class-students in vocational schools which can be introduced in September 2014 which aims to educate the youngsters about the world of work and establish the first contact with the trade unions.

International projects and LIGA

LIGA has been very enthusiastic to commence more projects in 2013/2014 aiming to strengthen its international relations and work through trade union co-operations with other confederations in Europe in order to support workers in international context.

The Migrant-Project (“Developing Information for Migrant Workers through Transnational Trade Union Cooperation”) is partly financed by the European Commission with its Romanian partner CARTEL-ALFA and UK partner TUC.

The European Work’s Council (EWC) project (“Promoting EWC establishments in new Member States through information and training for enterprise-level social partners”) is also financed by the European Commission and aims to promote EWCs among new Member States with the Co-Applicant Confederation of Hungarian Employers and Industrialists (MGYOSZ) and among other Hungarian partners associated organizations are NSZZ „Solidarno¶ć”- Poland, “Solidarumas” (LPSS) – Lithuania.

LIGA in partnership with EVDSZ - one of its biggest affiliated federations in the electricity sector has successfully running a two year project financed by the Norwegian Grant on the topic of “Developing social dialogue at various level”. As a project partner LO-Norway and IL&IT along with the Hungarian trade union confederations of MSZOSZ and Munkástanácsok are also contributing to the success of the project.

Hungarian Labour Market in Numbers

Have you known that in Hungary:

  • the labour market participation rate is 64,3 % (increasing trend)
  • the employment rate 15-64 years is 57,2 % (increasing trend)
  • the unemployment rate is 9,8 % (youth unemployment 25 %)

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