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National referendum campaign for the retirement of men after 40 years of work

MASZSZ, the Hungarian Trade Union Confederation and LIGA Trade Unions both support the collection of signatures for a referendum on entitling men to retire after 40 years of service. This right has been open for women since 2012.

The initiative “Fight for men’s 40!” of colleague József Bodnár, union officer of the Railway Workers Union VSZ is backed by MASZSZ and LIGA Trade Unions. Bodnár underlined that on the basis of equality, the present discriminatory situation must be changed, and the same possibility must be open for both sexes. All former possibilities for early pensions has been eliminated as of 31. December 2014, depriving many workers from that right.

Although the present initiative will not resolve the problem of early retirement, however it would provide an opportunity that “one should not leave the workbench directly to the cemetery” said MASZSZ president László Kordás. István Gaskó, LIGA president said, that the Hungarian society will support the initiative.

The campaign is a unique opportunity for the two great Hungarian Trade Union Confederations to work closely together.

200.000 signatures are aimed to be collected until 5th November and the project is open for other supporting organisations, however, trade unions ask political parties to keep politics out of this campaign.

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