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The LIGA Trade Unions (Democratic League of Independent Trade Unions) has been supporting Hungarian employees since 1988. More than 80 member organisations are present throughout the country both in geographic and in sectoral terms. The membership of the Liga Trade unions was made up in 2007 by 100 644 certified – registered through public notary document - organised workers working in all spheres of life in the public and private sectors.

The main task of the Liga Trade Unions is to improve the life, the working and living conditions and social security of workers and employees in the public and private sectors through the whole range of instruments accessible for trade unions in the democratic system of institutions.

Main objectives:

  • improve the income level of the workers
  • improve the safety of employment and the quality of working conditions in the broadest sense of the word
  • providing for more positive rules and regulations in the world of labour
  • develop, strengthen and continuously improve a system of labour relations customary in modern democracies

Therefore, it is its obligation to represent employees interest at the national level in an authentic manner. The objective of Liga Trade Unions, as independent trade union confederation, is to improve the assessment of trade unions in Hungary in general, to substantially increase the organisation rate and to strengthen the influence of employees on social and economic processes. Being an organisation with presence both in the public and in the private sector, it is its core and specific task to organise workers and employees in both sectors.

The Liga Trade Unions intend to achieve these objectives on the basis of their party independence, as a sovereign actor of public life. It stands for strengthening the co-operation among the trade unions on the basis of the principle of solidarity. To achieve their objectives, the Liga Trade Unions strive for predictable partnership relations with the government and with the employers organisations. Representing workers interests, they lead consultations with the parliamentary parties and with the NGOs.

The objective of the Liga Trade Unions is turn Hungary into the most dynamically developing and most competitive country of the region where the sustainable, knowledge-based economy with high growth potential goes hand in hand with high levels of employment. The resources generated by an expanding economy need to be used to strengthen social integration and improve the opportunities of the poor and the most vulnerable segment of the society.

It is indispensable for the Hungarian trade unions to come together and act jointly so that workers have enough strength in the catching up period to enforce their interest in organisational and financial-material terms.

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