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School book for secondary school students about the working life

Young people face real and increasing difficulty in finding decent jobs on the labour market.
They enter the labour market with a very limited knowledge about working life, therefore LIGA, the Democratic League of Independent Trade Unions, has developed a complex textbook for secondary school students that includes a broad knowledge on topics related to working life, and tips on communication, basics of finances and rights at work.

The textbook so far has been tested in 10 schools by 40 trained teachers reaching about 700 students. At the end of the testing period in spring 2015 LIGA Trade Unions organised a study competition amongst the trained students. Now it is time to lobby for integration of the 36 hours (36*45 minutes) educational course into the Hungarian curricula for secondary school graduates to improve their capacity to find first working place and to equip them with the “must know” of the working life.

The textbook is accompanied by an exercise book and a teacher’s guide. In the material there are a lot of interactive exercises and situation practises for skills development on how to behave at a job interview, how to search for a job and how to prepare a motivation letter, a CV, and also what trade unions are.

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